Macy's selling Frango business to Chicago firm

Ownership of Frango mints will once again be based in Chicago, with the parent company of Garrett Popcorn Shops announcing that it will acquire the famed premium chocolate brand.

As part of the agreement, Garrett will "develop, create, sell and distribute Frango products consistent with the brand's legacy as a superior chocolate and confectionery brand", according to a news release. Macy's has had control of the Frango brand since 2005, when it acquired Marshall Field & Co.

When Macy's acquired Marshall Field's, Frango came along with it. Marshall Field's had moved the manufacturing of the chocolates to Pennsylvania in the late '90s, but in a rare right move by Macy's, the acquisition brought Frangos back to Chicago.

When Macy's took over Marshall Field's, its decision to change the name of the Chicago-area stores, where the brand history was strongest, met with some resistance among consumers and even by then-Mayor Richard M. Daley. Frango-making was transferred to Gertrude Hawk Chocolates of Dunmore, Pa.

"We are happy to have found such a natural partner in Garrett Brands and are confident they will be great stewards of the Frango brand", Tim Baxter, chief merchandising officer at Macy's, said in a statement.

Macy's said Monday that it's selling Frango to Garrett Brands, the Chicago-based owner of Garrett Popcorn Shops. Frango products will continue to be sold in the Frango Café at Macy's State Street store, as well as online and at more than 350 other Macy's locations in the U.S.

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