National Police Assumes Investigation of IS-Linked Indonesians

National Police spokesman Martinus Sitompul

National Police spokesman Martinus Sitompul

A 39-year-old man arrested in Indonesia following his deportation from Turkey for allegedly trying to join Islamic State is a former official at the Indonesian Ministry of Finance, the ministry said Friday.

The family is being held in Jakarta by counter-terror officers there, Bali police deputy chief commissioner Hengky Widjaya said.

Widjaja said the three men and two women were detained after they arrived in Bali on an Emirates flight from Istanbul on Tuesday evening.

The Ministry of Finance said Triyono Utomo resigned from his job in the ministry's fiscal policy office in February a year ago because he wanted to focus on managing an Islamic boarding school in West Java. He did not confirm reports that the boy was born in South Australia while his father was studying for a Masters degree.

The finance ministry said it would not provide any legal assistance to Utomo in the case, the Associated Press reported.

The five North Jakarta residents reportedly departed from Indonesia in mid-August for Thailand, where they contacted a person by the name of Abu Yazid before continuing their journey to Turkey.

The family left Indonesia on Aug 15, 2016, flying first to Thailand to avoid arousing the suspicions of authorities, before flying on to Istanbul three days later, Channel NewsAsia understands.

The latest data of the National Counterterrorism Agency said that 496 Indonesians have become Islamic State foreign fighters, with 70 of them having been killed and 53 returning to Indonesia. Authorities have also tightened surveillance at border checkpoints after a series of attack plots by IS sympathisers were foiled in the recent past.

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