The Flash Actor Teases Dead Character's Return in Season 3

The Flash season 3 will witness another return.

An earlier report from Entertainment Weekly confirmed that Ronnie Raymond will be returning for the third season of the fastest DC superhero T.V series.

Just in case you didn't have enough great news already when it comes to "The Flash", there's now this: You are getting Rick Cosnett for at least one upcoming episode this season.

Ok, hate to tease you but now I can say it: I'm coming back on #TheFlash Photo credit Harvey House...

Rick Cosnett's return came following rumors that Ronnie will return even after his death. In a recent tweet, Rick Cosnett announced he would be returning to the series in his role as Detective Eddie Thawne. A few episodes after learning Barry's (Grant Gustin) secret identity as the Flash, he was kidnapped by the Reverse-Flash (Matt Letscher), a.k.a. Eobard Thawne, and found out that he was an ancestor of the villainous speedster. He might also play a version of Eddie from a different Earth or a completely different character.

A theory from the same outlet surmises that Eddie's return might occur when Barry is faced with a problem that will happen in the future. He could also show up as a hallucination or in Barry's dream. While Flashpoint and the Lazarus Pit have brought people back from the dead before, and there's always the chance that he's from Earth 2, it's looking far more likely that time travel will ultimately be responsible.

Since then, Cosnett has guested on Castle and recurred on Quantico. The show returns for the second half of season 3 on January 24.

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