No parking space, no vehicle: Centre proposes new rule

No parking space, no vehicle: Centre proposes new rule

No parking space, no vehicle: Centre proposes new rule

Not a long time age, Delhi was declared as the second most polluted major city in the world by the World Health Organisation.

Experts also want the government to take other steps such as hiking parking charges, levying charges for using private vehicles in congested areas and increasing interest rate for auto loans to discourage people from buying vehicles. It would be introduced soon says the union government. However, people found loopholes around the systems and the situation couldn't get any better.

To tackle growing congestion woes and lack of parking space across the country, the central government is looking to make it compulsory for vehicle buyers to obtain an adequate parking space certificate.

Addressing a press conference in the national capital, urban development minister M. Venkaiah Naidu said that in the future it would be compulsory for cars to provide an adequate parking space certificate. I am talking to the surface transport minister and also sensitising the states. "We are moving in that direction", Naidu said today. Officials from the road transport ministry also seem happy with the proposal. An ever-increasing number of new vehicles being added to roads every year and lack of planning during real estate construction are making this problem more acute with every passing year.

Several reports on decongesting cities and towns have suggested similar measure of linking availability of parking space to registration of private vehicles.

Experts have welcomed the proposal but its implementaion would not be esaier. The certificate is usually issued by the police station nearest to the buyer's home, and the transport department conducts a physical verification. It is the duty of the local municipal bodies to take care of parking issues. Infrastructure for alternate modes of public transport is also not as developed in India to encourage people to use it, as compared to the convenience of a personal vehicle. However, the government should first ensure an ample availability of public transport in all major cities.

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