CeeLo Green's cell phone explodes in his face

CeeLo Green exploding mobile phone video was publicity stunt for new project, singer confirmed 'alive and well'

CeeLo Green's cell phone explodes in his face

Origin: On 17 December 2016, a video purportedly showing a mobile phone exploding in the face of "Forget You" singer and former Voice coach CeeLo Green was uploaded to the Internet and went viral via social media. However, there has been no official confirmation. His last Twitter post was 20 hours ago, which sees him sharing his excitement about the upcoming #BecauseOfBethlehem on TBN.

Cee Lo was sitting in his chair in the studio and talking on his phone when smoke can be seen coming out of the device. The subject of the video swipes the screen of his phone before beginning a short conversation.

The video doesn't include a timestamp, so it's unclear when the incident occurred.

While it is unknown what brand of phone Green was using, a massive recall of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 made headlines earlier this year after the popular smartphone began exploding during use. For the sake of Green's health, we hope it is. It has not been confirmed that the phone that explodes on the CCTV footage is a Samsung model. They added that 93 percent of all of the phones they've sold have been returned.

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