Kim K returns sexily to Instagram teasing new Kimoji Merch

Kim K returns sexily to Instagram teasing new Kimoji Merch

Kim K returns sexily to Instagram teasing new Kimoji Merch

She's baaack! Well, kind of. Kim Kardashian launched a Kimoji Instagram account Wednesday, December 14, and in true KKW fashion, it features a lot of cleavage and booty.

According to an insider who claims to have ties to the French underground, the thieves demanded that staff at the property give them footage from the cameras on site, in the hopes that they would remove any trace of evidence.

But since that fateful night, they've been showing the stunning video to their fellow crooks - and Radar obtained a copy!

In the video, a young woman is seen being held tightly against a brown couch, and that woman seems very terrified.

"It's just been a very hard time for her", said the source.

"Kanye is used to leaning on her".

"But you can see that it was very violent".

Up until now, French cops have had to make do with dark and blurry footage of the robbers escaping from the scene of the crime on bikes later that night.

The star is upset that the assailants are at large, and at this point, has lamented the strong possibility that they may never face justice.

Reports also suggest that police have found one of the robbed pieces of jewelry, a diamond cross necklace. Still struggling to process the horrifying incident, she suddenly had to deal with 39-year-old husband Kanye West's mental breakdown earlier this month.

Insiders told Radar that Kardashian certainly hopes so. Seeing her tormentors behind bars, an insider said, would at last put a bit of closure on the end of a trying year.

"Kim thinks that it is absolutely absurd that these guys have not been caught".

"Kim really concerned about him and wants him to be well but the thing is, she's still recovering herself and it would be nice if she had a partner who was able to take care of her".

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