Titanfall 2 Receives First DLC Map and Microtransactions Next Week

Titanfall 2 Receives First DLC Map and Microtransactions Next Week

Titanfall 2 Receives First DLC Map and Microtransactions Next Week

If you pre-order you get 3 days early access to the map!

As far as Titanfall 2's future for the rest of this year is concerned, Respawn has declared that there will be "semi-regular" events including playlists with revised rules. "No RNG. If you see something you like, you buy it and that's it", a stark contrast to some games of late. The first of those maps, a remake of Titanfall 1's Angel City, is being prepped for launch this week as part of the "Angel City's Most Wanted" DLC drop.

No in-game currency exchange. "They have new chassis and assassinations but function the exact same way as their original counterparts".

Angel City's Most Wanted adds a fan favourite map and an in game store.

Titan Kits: Get more customization for your Titan with these all new kits.

Fans that pre-ordered Titanfall 2 will get access to the Angel City map starting on November 30. Players of the first Titanfall know Angel City well and should be pleased to see it returning as a map for Titanfall 2. In 2017, it expects to offer "more drops that will differ in size and scope" including more free maps, modes and weapons.

In other Titanfall 2 news, Respawn Entertainment has released a new trailer of Titanfall 2, which titled "Encore", that scored positive reviews from the critics.Critics praise the game for its deeper single-player campaign, multiplayer and gameplay focus. Changes like these force players (and ourselves) to look at the game differently and try some things you may never have tried before.

You'll notice that one of the additions is an in-game store; this is where Titanfall 2's premium add-ons come into play.

Titanfall 2 is now available on the PS4, Xbox One and PC. It's a great way to meet fellow Pilots and have fun together. Respawn Entertainment has assured the fans that the cosmetics being sold in the store will have zero impact to gameplay, so fans have nothing to worry about. "We've got more that we're working through but isn't ready for prime time just yet", it said. As a matter of fact, the developer specifically stated in its post that it's "committed to supporting Titanfall 2 for the long haul", with the game's publisher EA also confirming franchise commitment to the brand not too long ago despite its underwhelming sales upon launch.

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