Trump suggests Obamacare's protections for the sick may stay

Trump explained in an interview with The Wall Street Journal published Friday that his shift came after White House talks Thursday with Obama, who asked him to consider preserving parts of the Affordable Care Act.

Republicans would still need 60 votes to get rid of remaining sections of the law - including popular provisions such as allowing young people to stay on their parents' health insurance until age 26 and preventing insurance companies from not covering people with pre-existing conditions.

Donald Trump says he might keep parts of Obamacare after all.

Also, Trump outlined new plans on his presidential transition website this week that did not quite line up with what he had proposed during the campaign.

"Either ObamaCare will be amended, or repealed and replaced", Trump pledged. Out of respect, President Trump did agree to look at his suggestions, CBS News reveals.

So what happens if he doesn't repeal it, and chooses to amend instead?

"We could confirm someone on January 20 who could come in immediately and could be working right now on rewriting rules and regulations to give more freedom and choice to the states, to insurance companies and to businesses that are trying to provide affordable care to their workers", Barrasso said in a telephone interview. The changes would provide "great healthcare for much less money" for Americans, according to Trump.

"I think it's awful if that's happening". Obama's health care marketplace initiative has seen some wild ups and downs, but Trump doesn't appear to be repealing it entirely.

How are we going to care for these patients if Mr. Trump repeal this act?

During Trump's bombastic election campaign, the billionaire property tycoon repeatedly promised that he would do away with Obamacare if he was elected president.

He said regulations banning insurers from refusing cover for people with pre-existing conditions was positive.

"It was a lovely call and it was a tough call for her".

"As a nurse who worked in an emergency department, I know that many uninsured use the emergency department as a primary care physician. She couldn't have been nicer".

"Look at the mess, and look at the corruption", Trump said at a rally just a day before Election Day in Scranton, Pennsylvania. "One of the most awesome he's ever seen".

Meanwhile, the Trump Organisation - now led by Mr. Trump - has said it was vetting new business structures with the goal of transferring management control to three of the President-elect's children and a team of executives.

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