Florida I-75 Civilian Shoots Man Attacking Deputy In Estero

Bystander shoos and kills suspect attacking deputy according to witnesses                      WFTX

Bystander shoos and kills suspect attacking deputy according to witnesses WFTX

A witness, Mr. Smith, said the deputy rolled out from under the suspect. An unnamed driver, passed by, stopped and said he would shoot if the suspect did not stop beating the deputy. After following the suspect onto an exit ramp, the driver got out of his auto and started assaulting the deputy, identified as Dean Bardes.

Another witness, Shanta Holditch, said that the assailant was mercilessly attacking the deputy.

Bystander pointed his gun at the suspect and warned he would fire if he didn't stop attacking the deputy.

"I heard like three shots".

The suspect "refused to get off the officer and the officer kept yelling, 'shoot him, shoot him, shoot him, ' and then he shot him". One man then fell to the side of the road as the police officer got up. WINK News reporter Britni McDonald posted on Facebook Live from the hospital, in which Bardes can be seen bandaged and hugging his fellow officers as he left.

According to video captured by a witness, hosted by Wink News, an emergency crew came and attempted to perform CPR on the suspect, but were unsuccessful. The assailant, who as of this writing has not been identified, did not survive his injuries, however, and was later pronounced dead. WINK-TV would only confirm that he was legally allowed to carry a concealed weapon.

If the "good guy" didn't have his gun, this story could've ended very differently for the deputy.

The incident closed the exit and caused miles of traffic backup for hours along the interstate. Smith added, "The guy that protected, shot the bad guy, was a guy that pulled over on the ramp and saw the guy beating the officer".

Police have not yet announced whether or not the man who shot the assailant will face any criminal charges.

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