This couple built a massive bed to fit their 7 dogs

Pic Michael’s Custom Interiors

Pic Michael’s Custom Interiors

All dog owners will know that once a pet finds the flawless spot on your bed, they're not willing to give it up.

Mariesa Hughes, co-founder of senior dog rescue The Mr. Mo Project, told she and her husband were having trouble sleeping at night because there were too many dogs on their bed.

The couple's dogs sleep in various positions on the bed - upside down, under the covers - with a couple of exceptions.

So they had a local craftsman build them a giant mega-bed, with plenty of space for themselves and all eight dogs.

"At night time all of the dogs want to sleep on the bed and sometimes it becomes too cluttered, and we end up being pushed off of the bed or sleeping on the couch", Chris Hughes told TODAY.

"Most mornings, I wake up and feel like I need a hip replacement trying to sleep around all these dogs", she joked.

Chris and Mariesa Hughes sleep with all of their eight dogs every single night and wouldn't have it any other way. Their king sized bed just wasn't cutting it anymore, so they had a custom bed frame built to fit an extra mattress.

New Yorkers Chris and Mariesa Hughes made a decision to build the "megabed" after months of sleeping like sardines with their canine companions. 'Each one of the dogs has his or her spot and it makes it easy now. He built the bed out of solid cherry wood and put in stairs for the dogs who can not jump on the bed. "We had to start over".

Like most people, this upstate NY couple goes to sleep every night with their dogs cuddled up beside them.

They founded the nonprofit, The Mr. Mo Project, which finds homes for elderly dogs on euthanasia lists in shelters, and admitted that they are often tempted to adopt more pups.

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