Trump leads Clinton among Military and Veteran voters

Donald Trump Campaign On Why He Did Russian TV Interview We Were Tricked

Trump leads Clinton among Military and Veteran voters

Presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump will answer questions about national security, military affairs and veterans issues aboard the USS Intrepid in Manhattan on Wednesday night. Clinton is seen as favorable by 40 percent while 53 percent view her unfavorably. Hillary Clinton has released nearly 40 years' worth, Tim Kaine has released 10, and Mike Pence said he'll release his this week. "I just don't see how you pay for it", he said.

The appearances mark an intense, two-day focus on national security by Trump, who has offered tough rhetoric - but few details - on America's challenges overseas.

Trump remained persistently vague about his plans for defeating the Islamic State group, insisting that he privately has a blueprint for taking on the terror group but wanted to remain "unpredictable".

She said she couldn't promise there would be no terror attacks on USA soil if she becomes president, calling preventing terrorism "a huge challenge".

272-a-16-(Hillary Clinton, former secretary of state, Democratic presidential nominee, in broadcast of Commander-in-Chief Presidential Forum)-"were moving forward"-Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton says she is proud that she helped lay the groundwork for the historic worldwide nuclear deal with Iraq".

"She tried to make up for her awful performance last night, it was a terrible performance, so she went on the tarmac and told more lies", Trump said, blasting a news conference Clinton held on the tarmac of a NY airport.

The planned speeches will serve as an attempt to elevate Clinton's agenda above all of the noise, and to move the conversation away from the day-to-day back and forth between her and Trump. In other words, Trump is dislikable enough that men aren't comfortable just assuming that their wives will vote for him. "In this race, at this time, she deserves your vote".

The candidates will appear back-to-back during the Commander-in-Chief Forum, which will be moderated by TODAY co-anchor Matt Lauer.

In late July, another prominent Texas newspaper with a history of conservative political endorsements - the Houston Chronicle - also made headlines when it endorsed Clinton and labeled Trump a "danger to the Republican Party" in an op-ed.

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump told a Russia-funded television network that "it's probably unlikely" that Russian Federation is trying to influence the USA election.

The GWU poll comes one day after a CNN/ORC survey found Trump clinging to a 2-point lead over Clinton, 45% to 43%, also within the poll's margin of error.

The last Democratic presidential candidate to win the state since 1952 was Bill Clinton, in 1996.

Earlier Wednesday, Trump vowed to boost military spending by tens of billions of dollars, as he outlined plans for major increases in the number of active troops, Navy ships and submarines, and fighter planes.

Trump's Union League address also included his plans to eliminate deep spending cuts, known as the "sequester", enacted when Congress failed to reach a budget compromise in 2011. Among registered voters, 49 percent say they trust Clinton on the issue, 47 percent Trump.

More recently, Trump has been trying to up his military bonafides.

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