WhatsApp users are making 100 million calls everyday

WhatsApp users are making 100 million calls everyday

WhatsApp users are making 100 million calls everyday

WhatsApp has been among some of the biggest names in the markets of technology, and has been a company which has changed many aspects of the way we know the world of technology to be. Facebook's own chat app, Messenger, hit 900 million MAUs in April.

The larger emojis reportedly look to follow the lead of Apple's Messages app, which are set to support similar features in the upcoming release of the tech giant's new operating system, iOS 10. According to The Next Web, ' mobile-centric approach' and 'WhatsApp's Ubiquity' made the calling feature lucrative whereas skype remains more of a desktop-centric.

To keep itself relevant and popular among users as it competes with other messaging apps, WhatsApps (just like the rest of them) routinely rolls out new features.

WhatsApp hasn't disclosed the content of the calls, of course, just the volume. This messaging app had 800 million users base during that time and was managing more messages than the total number of SMS text sent globally each day. The voice calling feature is a nice alternative to using one's phone to make the call - it is arguably more convenient, but can also be safer in the privacy sense, at least if certain whistleblower leaks are to be believed. It also requires robust internet connection, something which is still a rarity in countries like India where WhatsApp is popular.

In was only in February, early this year that Whatsapp had announced that it surpassed the major landmark of 1 billion users.

WhatsApp has been growing at a phenomenal rate recently, adding an additional 100 million users every few months. It rolled out a new feature for its Android beta testers that lets users quote a specific message and reply to it. However, that is not the main worry here-the fact that WhatsApp is already working on a video call feature which should be available from next update [probably], is quite intimidating for rivals.

To refresh on WhatsApp's voice-calling feature, the service is free, and not charged by WhatsApp. "Today, we're proud that people are making 100 million calls a day on WhatsApp!". After he left Ukraine, it was hard for him to get in touch with family and friends residing there easily. Both companies tried to leverage their respective dominance of PC and mobile operating systems to promote bundled communication apps like Skype and Hangouts, but they failed to overtake Facebook's messaging solutions.

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