E3 2016: How Xbox and PlayStation are learning from Apple

Nintendo NX,PlayStation 4 Neo, Project Scorpio

E3 2016: How Xbox and PlayStation are learning from Apple

Now that we know Project Scorpio is eventually coming from Microsoft at some point in 2017, the rumors have started to get cleaned up a bit by some hard facts but this still leaves room for plenty of speculation. First announced was the Xbox One S, which is a significantly smaller version of the console with a little bit more power. The Xbox One S will come in white and is expected to hit stores before Christmas 2016. The availability of the games should be in line with the release of Microsoft's new console - the Xbox One Project Scorpio. New efforts include not only new Xbox consoles and the integration between their best and most popular products.

Meanwhile, others such as GamingBolt have pointed out that the upcoming PlayStation 4 Neo will lag behind the Xbox One Scorpio in terms of hardware. With 320GB memory, 8 cores and 6 teraflops, "It's gonna be the most powerful console ever made", said Xbox Game Marketing Head Aaron Greenberg (via dualshockers). Unfortunately, the price has not been announced yet for either the PlayStation 4 Neo or Project Scorpio, but in both cases, the games that have been released for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One will also be supported by the new consoles. The NEO is the codename for the upgraded PS4, which was confirmed by Sony Interactive Entertainment President Andrew House prior to E3 2016 in an interview with Financial Times. Yes, you can still use your Kinect on the Scorpio if you so desire.

The messaging before E3 about Neo seemed to be simple, bring a console in half way through the lifecycle to give developers some more power to work with and stop higher end consumers upgrading to PC's in the later years of the consoles life for better performance.

It seems like Nintendo is trying to release a unique console which is quite different from the ones being developed by Microsoft and Sony.

"A good portion of PlayStation 4's success has been down to its spec advantage over Xbox One, combined with a focus on the hardcore player".

At the E3 2016 conference, the Xbox team didn't hold anything for later and announced the new model of the Xbox, the Xbox One S.

Final Fantasy 15 is due out on September 30 on Xbox One and PS4.

When that happens, up to three versions of the Xbox One could be available to purchase, providing something for a range of budgets.

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