Doctor Strange Trailer to Debut on Jimmy Kimmel Live

Benedict Cumberbatch

Doctor Strange Trailer to Debut on Jimmy Kimmel Live

Benedict Cumberbatch and Chiwetel Ejiofor are now filming the next big Marvel adaptation, Doctor Strange in NY. The showing of the Doctor Strange trailer, with guest Benedict Cumberbatch, is sandwiched neatly in the middle. Cumberbatch, dressed in all of his glorious superhero garb, was spotted at JHU Comics, where he greeted fans and posed for photos.

While most fans probably don't care for that term, ABC's Jimmy Kimmel Live! is getting a week of Marvel Studios' content staring next Monday, April 11.

Doctor Strange tells the story of Stephen Strange (Cumberbatch), an acclaimed neurosurgeon who uncovers the hidden world of magic and alternate dimensions after a near-fatal auto accident, showing audiences corners of the Marvel Cinematic Universe never before explored.

Finally, Chris Hemsworth will drop by JKL on Thursday, April 14 to talk about Thor: Ragnarok; which hasn't even started filming yet.

Chris Evans, Sebastian Stan, Anthony Mackie, and Paul Rudd will make an appearance on the show. This latest exclusive sneak peek is part of a whole week of Marvel themed programming on his show, in which the members of "Team Cap" and "Team Iron Man" will be interviewed together on separate nights.

The directors shared a GIF image on their Facebook page where they edited a scene from the movie to include Doctor Strange on Team Captain America.

With Scott Derrickson confirming that Doctor Strange has wrapped and heads into the great Quantum Realm that is post-production ahead of its November release, the Internet has been captivated by one question relating to it more than any other.

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