'The Walking Dead' Spoilers Episode 11: Season 6 'Knots Untie'

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Sunday night's new episode of "The Walking Dead" contained the moment that so many longtime fans have been waiting for: The hookup between Rick and Michonne.

Richonne wasn't the only highlight from The Walking Dead 6×10. "The Next World" takes a peek into the more comedic sides of our favorite characters, relying on more than just an amusing one-liner every once in a while. He's a family to her. He's her person.

It's also about marking a new beginning. What follows the most utterly stupid chase/fight scene involving some guys, a vehicle, and a lake since Michael Scott took his Global Positioning System entirely too literally.

Rick really, truly, has changed since his last stand with the Alexandrians. The Rick and Daryl material are the best part simply because it offers up a bit of interesting humor in a way that the show rarely is able to do and desperately needed after this season so far. "It really is exciting to see fans respond with excitement about something good that happens on the show and that is really cool".

So, while Rick and Darryl are out on what seems like a routine supply for the once-again Utopian community in Alexandria, they run into a dude named Paul who goes by "Jesus" - with a hard J. Here's what we know about him: He's insane handsome, he wears a leather duster, he has access to fireworks, and he is dope at karate.

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"You gonna shoot me over a truck?"

Who knows now what will be coming up next for these two characters? If it all seems too good to be true, that's because it is.

Rick and Daryl find a barn marked "sorghum". All in all, they're living relatively angst-free, settled lives. Daryl tries to drag him out... as a walker creeps up behind him.

Image Credit Gene Page  AMC
Image Credit Gene Page AMC

Jesus, like Negan, is a popular character in the original Walking Dead comic books, so his appearance isn't hugely surprising. There's a brief conversation/standoff before Jesus runs off, warning them about the pending herd of the undead looming nearby.

Praise, Jesus - It finally happened! Rick and Daryl would enjoy their friendship and buddy chemistry, people would make light of their predicament when they could as a coping mechanism, and yes, people would be having sex.

The final few seconds of TWD 6×10 depicted Rick and Michonne lying in bed after (what is believed to be) their first time sleeping together. It's Jesus, who tells Rick: "We need to talk". She and Rick share their first kiss in Issue 90 of the comics, but Andrea later reveals that she's been holding onto those feelings for quite some time. I get the criticisms people have of it, but it's similar to complaining about shows that are created to be fun for not adhering to absolutism and strictness in its internal logic. Though risky, Carl's reasoning - that he wanted someone she loved to kill her - was surprisingly sound. Carl is healed enough to take eye-patched photos with his little sister and wander around the woods with Enid.

Then the two children of the apocalypse sit in the woods eating snacks and reading comics.

"I liked your mom a lot", Michonne says of Alexandria's deceased matriarch Deanna Monroe (Tovah Feldshuh). Is that just hormones? According to CarterMatt, the passion Rick and Michonne have found for staying alive has now given birth to their passion for each other. "I just want to turn my brain off for a minute", Grimes said.

However, let's talk about the Jesus in the room.

Carl gets shot by Ron after Ron watches his entire family die right in front of him. Rick was interested: Jesus was clean and well-groomed. Or is he a third party entirely? Small reconnects with some of the cast but not everybody works to ease us back into this slower-paced period of recovery without throwing a ton of things at us and still keeping us curious about the others.



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